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 Why Insist on Genuine MaK Parts?


Quick Access to Quality Parts is Critical for Your Business - Often Making all the Difference in Operating Time and Staying Profitable. Genuine MaK Parts are Designed and Manufactured to Function Reliable as a Complete System and may Often be rebuilt for a second Life, Adding Value to Your Investment.


Design and Manufacturing Techniques are Continually improved to Ensure that Using Original MaK Parts Enhances Engine Performance, Reliability and Reduces Overall Owning and Operating Costs - Benefits You may not get from "Grey Market" Competitive Parts.


And as You would Expect, All Genuine MaK Parts are Backed by the Caterpillar Motoren Parts Warranty.


Higher Profits

Greater Reliability and Longevity Maximizes Your Operating Time and Reduces Total Cost of Operation.

Lower Operating Cost

With Longer Life and Longer Time Between Overhauls, MaK Engines Cost Less to Operate.

Greater Safety

Parts Made by Caterpillar Specifically for a MaK Engine Perform Longer with Fewer Unplanned Maintenance events or Risk of Failure.


All Parts are Dispatched Within 24 Hours, and MaK Strategically-Located Distribution Centers Efficiently Delivers Globally.

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