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The MaK Brand

MaK has been a marine engine manufacturer since 1922, a rich production history in northern Germany. Since Caterpillar acquired MaK in 1997, the Kiel facility has become a center for research and development for large diesel MaK engines, as well as large diesel and gas engines manufactured under the Cat trademark.

The Kiel Engine Center is responsible for machining, assembling, testing, painting and shipping the MaK M 20 C, M 25 and M 32 C inline marine engines.  In fact, the engine blocks, valves, heads and connecting rods are all manufactured directly on the facility grounds.  Today, the facility is 68,200 m 2  (735,000 ft 2) and there are plans to expand production further in the future.

To meet market expectations, the Kiel Engine Center has received a massive investment in parts production, assembly lines, test cells and employee training - ensuring that the facility is well-prepared to serve future demands.

The MaK brand, supported by Caterpillar expertise and infrastructure, is a leading choice for commercial and stationary power. The product line continues to evolve to reflect Caterpillar engineering breakthroughs while anticipating changing client needs, with:

  • Intelligent design
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Low operating costs
  • Reduced emissions (IMO Tier II and IMO Tier III compliant)
  • Dual Fuel technology

MaK Marine Parts & Service
PT. Multi Diesel Service is since 2012 the Authorized Dealer for MaK Marine Parts and Service in Indonesia.

Caterpillar Power Generation Systems
PT. Multi Diesel Service is since 2012 an Authorized Representative to Supply and Warrant Genuine Replacement Parts for Existing Land Based Legacy MaK Engine Systems and Caterpillar Motoren (CM) Series Engine Systems.

the MaK Brand
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