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Bi-Fuel Conversion
 Dual Fuel (Gas/Diesel) Conversion for Existing MaK Diesel Engines

PT. Multi Diesel Service together with its cooperation partner PT. Power Service Indonesia will ECONOMIZE ON THE COST  of your power generation by converting your MaK diesel  generating sets to  BI-FUEL OPERATION.


Bi-fuel (dual fuel) operation means the engine uses two fuels (gas and diesel oil) at the same time. Natural gas is intended as the main fuel and diesel oil is used for the ignition of the gas/air mixture inside the cylinder (a portion of diesel oil is injected at the end of the compression stroke, thereby maintaining the original diesel operation principle). 


The bi-fuel conversion modifies your original diesel engine so that it uses natural gas as the main fuel - substantially reducing operating costs. It works by introducing gas to the engine via various technologies and then electronically controlling flow dependent on engine speed and output.


In 2005 PT. Multi Diesel Service together with PT. Power Service Indonesia overhauled and converted the first 4 units MaK 8M 332 AK in Tangerang - West Java to Bi-Fuel operation.


PT. Power Service Indonesia

Innovative market leader in Indonesia as supplier and provider of Bi-Fuel (Gas/Diesel) conversion solutions for existing Diesel engines in the Marine - Road transportation - and Stationery Power Industry.

Bi-Fuel conversion MaK 8M 332 AK

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