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 Removable Insulation Blankets


PT. Multi Diesel Service supplies removable insulation blankets and heat shields for Diesel, Gas, & Steam Powered Engines. Our blankets are used to cover engine exhaust manifolds, turbo's, exhaust piping, flexes, bellows, purifier and silencer systems. Custom-designed using the latest technology and quality materials, Our removable insulation blankets provide exceptional heat and noise control at temperatures up to 1100ÂșC.


All of our insulation blankets:


  • Meet UL2000 requirements for generator engines,
  • Protect staff from burns from hot exhaust piping,
  • Protect electric wiring, solenoids, electronic controls from exhaust heat,
  • Provide heat containment for maximum pollutant burn off.


PT. MDS supplied insulation blankets are made to order, designed to meet your specific needs. Materials are selected that will provide optimum performance.

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